CCJ At A Glance

Caribbean Chemicals & Agencies (Jamaica) Limited “CCJ” started operations in July 2015 as Ag Chem Plant Limited and changed its name to achieve consistency with branding and affirm the relationship with the parent company Caribbean Chemicals and Agencies Limited (CCAL).

CCAL, based in Trinidad & Tobago, has been a pioneer in the Caribbean’s agricultural business since 1966, introducing and exporting a wide range of agricultural inputs to the English speaking Caribbean and establishing offices in Guyana, Suriname and Jamaica.

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Product Development

We remove the guesswork involved in producing a crop by performing extensive field research across the Caribbean. This research helps us develop and manufacture the most efficient, environmentally responsible crop nutrient products and programs available.

Our products are made to optimize yields, strengthen the health of plants, and bolster the nutritional value of crops, while utilising agricultural practices which support a sustainable future for all of us.

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