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Our Mission:

To improve the quality of production, productivity and profitability of all Farmers in the Caribbean.

We will achieve this by developing the skills of our team members, work with reputable local and international partners, conduct comprehensive field work, effectively communicate the benefits of our programs and maintain the widest distribution network.

Agriculture, the foundation of nation building…

Caribbean Chemicals and Agencies Limited (CCAL) of Port of Spain, Trinidad, since 1966 is the pioneer of the English speaking Caribbean’s agricultural business, introducing and educating Farmers on the safe use of improved technology in a wide range of agricultural inputs. CCAL has established offices in Guyana, Suriname and now Jamaica.

We started as “Ag Chem Plant Limited” in July 2015 and in February 2021 rebranded to Caribbean Chemicals & Agencies (Jamaica) Limited (aka CCJ) reflecting pride in being a part of the Caribbean Chemicals group of companies.

Today, CCJ is the leader in crop care (nutrition and protection) in Jamaica. We are devoted to and focussed on helping Farmers to contribute to national development and food security by increasing yield through efficient, effective nutrition programs and controlling pests and diseases.

As the sole formulator of pesticides in Jamaica (and CARICOM) we develop, formulate and distribute a wide range of products for the Caribbean Farmer.

CCJ is the regional manufacturer and master distributor for the English speaking Caribbean for the VAPE line of in-home mosquito control products.

Today we represent in the Caribbean market international brand principals such as:

Our Goals

  • Perform extensive field research across the Caribbean
  • Develop efficient, effective, sustainable crop programs
  • Remove guesswork in growing a crop
  • Optimizing yield
  • Bolster nutritional values of crops
  • Promote Good Agricultural Practices

Our Commitment

  • Optimize the use of crop care programs productivity of crop nutrition
  • Strategize the best management practices of crop nutrition
  • Lead innovation through a commitment to research

Commitment to Integrity

From our products and research to our operations, our company is built on four basic principles honesty, integrity, ethics, quality.


We present to our customers exactly what we do, and the benefits of our products, to help them make informed decisions.


Through our demos and trial plots our product performance can be seen hands-on by the farmers.


Our approach means making the right decisions for our customers, as well as our community.


All of our products are backed by careful research and testing to ensure safety and performance.

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