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EVERGREEN™ is not just a simple foliar fertilizer. It is a complex balanced nutritional formula with systemic action containing 22 nutrients containing micro and macro elements, including humic acid, phytohormones and vitamins designed to stimulate, relieve stress and boost the plant health and tolerance to adverse conditions.

Target Benefits

  • Increases root development
  • Increases plant vigour
  • Stimulates early maturity, thereby reducing the vegetative cycle of the crop
  • Uniform fruit size and quality
  • Promotes absorption of nutrients from the soil
  • Promotes improved crop quality, vigour and harvest
  • Increases soluble solids in crops such as Strawberry, Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Cucumber & Pumpkin (Cucurbits)
  • Significant cost-benefit ratio

Recommended Crops

EVERGREEN™ can be used on a wide variety of crops such as vegetables, row and field crops, fruit, and nut tree

Application Rate & Method

Foliar: 10 mL/3.8 L (2 tsp/gal)

Can be applied as a foliar, drench or via fertigation system

Time of Application: 3 applications 10 days apart, starting with the appearance of the first true leaf.

Shanique ShirleyEVERGREEN™
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SAETA™is a systemic, highly concentrated nutritional formula

SAETA™ is a double action product: it is a fertilizer and it strengthens the plant’s immune system to aid in defending against fungal infections like Phytophthora and Pythium spp.

Target Benefits

  • Rapidly absorbed by plants
  • Rapid correction of calcium/phosphorous deficiencies- Blossom End Rot, Tipburn, Phytophthora wilt
  • Enhances plant defense system
  • Corrective treatment for Blossom End Rot, Tipburn, Phytophthora wilt, split fruit, cracked tubers (apply with fungicides/bactericides)
  • Enhanced plant defense system
  • Builds strong and healthy root system
  • Helps build back roots in plants affected by root diseases
  • No phytotoxic effect when mixed with other fertilizers
  • Improves shelf life of fruits
  • Thickened of plant cell walls, leading to reduced stress effects and disease pressure, and firmer fruits
  • Environmentally friendly

Recommended Crops

Tomatoes, Peppers, Lettuce, Spinach and other leafy vegetables, Broccoli, Cauliflower and other Brassica varieties, beans, Peas, Potatoes, Onions and other  roots, bulb/tuber crops, palms, turf, ornamentals, nut crops, plums, nectarines and other stone fruits, apple, pears and other pome fruits, citrus, avocados, strawberries.

Application Rate

Foliar: Small Farms: 10 g/3.8 L (2 tsp/gal) Large Farms: 1.5 Kg/ha (1.1lbs/acre)

Drench: Small Farms:  20 g/3.8 L (4 tsp/gal)

Large Farms: 3 Kg/ha(2.7lbs/acre)

Time of Application for Peppers & Tomato: 3 applications 10 days apart, starting with the appearance of the first true leaf


Shanique ShirleySAETA™
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Locally System

Controls Target Pests:

Powdery Mildew, Leaf Mold, Rust

Recommended Crops:

Apple, Cherry, Chrysanthemum, Cucurbits, (Cantaloupe, Cucumber, Watermelons, Pumpkin, Squash), Eggplant, Green Pepper, Pepper, Rose, Strawberry, Tea, Tomato

Application Rates:

5 g/3.8 L (1 tsp/gal)

Re-Entry Interval (REI)

12 hours

Pre-Harvest Interval (PHI)

1 day

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