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Compound Granular Fertilizer

  • A premium Ammonium Sulphate (nitrogen) mineral fertilizer which is exceptionally suitable for the nurture of all crop cultures.
  • The application of Elixir AmoSulfan significantly improves the availability and uptake of phosphorous if it is blocked in soil.

Active Ingredients:

– 20% Nitrogen (N) Ammoniacal – 24% Sulphur (S)


● Even distribution of nutrients (N, S), better absorption which leads to uniformity in plant growth & development and higher yields
● Dust-free technology
● There is synergy in the operation of Nitrogen (N) and Sulphur (S), as S is required for N uptake and metabolism
● The presence of S impacts protein synthesis, stimulates plant enzymes and is needed in photosynthesis, chlorophyll formation and nitrogen fixation.

Recommended Crops:  Cabbage, onion and garlic, Leguminosae (peas, string beans), sugar beet, potato, tomato, sweet pepper, pak choi, lettuce

Application Rate:
Fruit trees: 300-500 Kg/ha (270-450 lb/acre)

Vegetables: 400-600 Kg/ha (360-535 lb/acre)

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Double-systemic fungicide – Bellis strengthens Crop vitality and improves yield. – Bellis increases assimilation and improves stress tolerance resulting in significant increase in yield. This benefit is known as the AgCelence effect

Action: Systemic

Controls Target Diseases: Rust, Early Blight, Black Sigatoka, Septoria Leaf Spot, Gummy Stem Blight, Anthracnose

Recommended Crops: String Beans, Tomatoes, Banana, Leafy Vegetables, Solanaceous Crops, Citrus & Papaya

Application Rate:

Fungicide Rate: 8-12 g/3.8 L (2-3 tsp/gal)

AgCelence Rate: 16 g/3.8 L (4 tsp/gal)

Re-Entry Interval (REI): Re-enter once the product has dried on treated surface

Pre-Harvest Interval (PHI): 0 day

FarhanBELLIS 38 WG
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