Sales / Technical Sales Agronomists

Krystal Cruickshank

Krystal has been employed at Caribbean Chemicals Jamaica since October 2020.

Before working at Caribbean Chemicals Jamaica, she worked 3 years in an agricultural equipment organization where she solicited sales for different agricultural tools and equipment along with training individuals on the proper uses of said tools.

She describes herself as being dedicated, self driven, hardworking, one who always welcomes a challenge. She is an honest person who doesn’t believe in misleading people and she try to be fair in everything she does.

Krystal is very passionate about her work, she is also passionate about helping people. In her spare time she enjoys playing video games, catching up on her favourite TV shows and reading a good book. She is currently reading “A man named Dave” which is the last of the trilogy series by David Pelzer.

Krystal Cruickshank

South East Region

St. Catherine / St. Thomas / Kingston & St. Andrew

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