ELIXIR 12-12-17 (SOP)+14%S

Compound Granular Fertilizer

A compound/mineral fertilizer of extremely high quality in terms of nutrient composition, water solubility and absorption of plant nutrients

Active Ingredients:

12% – Nitrogen (N) – Ammoniacal 12% – Phosphorous (P)
17% – Potassium (K)
14% – Sulphur (S)
2% – Magnesium (Mg) 0.2% – Boron (B) 0..01% – Zinc (Zn)


  • Even distribution of nutrients (N, S), better absorption which leads to uniformity in plant growth & development and higher yields
  • Nitrogen (N) in ammonium form is absorbed directly by plants and it is more difficult to be leached from soil
  • Efficient Nitrogen (N) – resistant to natural losses
  • There is synergy in the operation of Nitrogen (N) and Sulphur (S), as S is required for N uptake and metabolism
  • The presence of S impacts protein synthesis, stimulates plant enzymes and is needed in photosynthesis, chlorophyll formation and nitrogen fixation.
  • Releases blocked Phosphorous (P) and Microelements (ME) in the soil
  • Increases yield, produce quality, and profitability of production


SOP in blend:

Improves the looks, taste and storage abilities

Improves quality and crop yields

Recommended Crops:

Cabbage, onion and garlic, Leguminosae (peas, string beans), beet, potato, tomato, sweet pepper, pak choi, lettuce

Application Rate:

Fruit trees: 300-500 Kg/ha (270-450 lb/acre) Vegetables: 400-600 Kg/ha (360-535 lb/acre)

ELIXIR 12-12-17 (SOP)+14%S

Available Size

25 Kg