ELIXIR 15-15-15+11%S

Compound Granular Fertilizer

A compound/mineral fertilizer of extremely high quality in terms of nutrient composition, its solubility and absorption of nutrients by the plant

Active Ingredients:

– 15% Nitrogen (N) – Ammoniacal – 15% Phosphorous (P)
– 15% Potassium (K)
– 11% Sulphur (S)


  • Even distribution of nutrients (N, P, K, S), better absorption which leads to uniformity in plant growth & development and higher yields
  • Dust-free technology
  • Nitrogen (N) in ammonium form is absorbed directly by plants and it is more difficult to be leached from soil The presence of Sulphur (S) has an impact on protein synthesis, stimulates plant enzymes and activities needed in photosynthesis, chlorophyll formation and nitrogen fixation.

Recommended Crops:

All fruits and vegetable crops, and for all soil types

Application Rate:

Fruit trees: 600-1,200 Kg/ha (535-1,070 lb/acre)

Vegetables: 500-1,000 Kg/ha (450-900 lb/acre)

ELIXIR 15-15-15+11%S

Available Size

25 Kg