ELIXIR 7-20-30+3%S

Compound Granular Fertilizer

A compound/mineral fertilizer Fertilizer which contains all necessary macro elements – nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), potassium (K) and secondary macro element sulphur (S). It is intended for the nutrition of various plant species, especially those with increased requirements for potassium and phosphorus.

Active Ingredients:

7% – Nitrogen (N) – Ammoniacal 20% – Phosphorous (P)
30% – Potassium (K)
3% – Sulphur (S)


● Better utilization of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) in the period of vegetation.
● Phosphorus (P) component of very high-water solubility 90%.
● Presence of sulphur (S) affects protein synthesis, stimulates plant enzyme activities, but it is also vital in nitrogen metabolism of plants
● Significant influence on the formation of qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the fruit

Recommended Crops:

Vegetables, Corn, Potato, Fruit Trees

Application Rate:

Corn – 250-450 Kg/ha (223-401 lbs/acre) Potato – 200-400 Kg/ha (178-357 lbs/acre) Fruit Trees – 350-600 Kg/ha (312-535 lbs/acre) Vegetables – 400-700 Kg/ha (357-625 lbs/acre)


ELIXIR 7-20-30+3%S

Available Size

25 Kg