ELIXIR 8-15-15 + 9% S + 3% Ca

Compound Granular Fertilizer: A compound/mineral fertilizer Fertilizer which contains all the necessary macro elements nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), enriched with calcium (Ca) and sulphur (S), as important secondary nutrients.


  • High efficiency of the use of ammonium form of nitrogen (N)
  • Contains well-soluble phosphorus (P)
  • Presence of secondary macro elements calcium(Ca) and sulphur (S) affects nitrogen intake, numerous enzyme processes, and protein synthesis as well as plant tolerance to stress conditions
  • Economically acceptable formulation

Recommended Crops

Vegetables, fruit trees, ornamentals, pastures, turf

Re-Entry Interval (REI)

Pre-planting, at planting, 1-2 weeks after planting

Application Rate

224 – 336 kg/ha (200 – 300 lb/acre)

ELIXIR 8-15-15 + 9% S + 3% Ca

Available Size

25 Kg