EVERGREEN™ is not just a simple foliar fertilizer. It is a complex balanced nutritional formula with systemic action containing 22 nutrients containing micro and macro elements, including humic acid, phytohormones and vitamins designed to stimulate, relieve stress and boost the plant health and tolerance to adverse conditions.

Target Benefits

  • Increases root development
  • Increases plant vigour
  • Stimulates early maturity, thereby reducing the vegetative cycle of the crop
  • Uniform fruit size and quality
  • Promotes absorption of nutrients from the soil
  • Promotes improved crop quality, vigour and harvest
  • Increases soluble solids in crops such as Strawberry, Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Cucumber & Pumpkin (Cucurbits)
  • Significant cost-benefit ratio

Recommended Crops

EVERGREEN™ can be used on a wide variety of crops such as vegetables, row and field crops, fruit, and nut tree

Application Rate & Method

Foliar: 10 mL/3.8 L (2 tsp/gal)

Can be applied as a foliar, drench or via fertigation system

Time of Application: 3 applications 10 days apart, starting with the appearance of the first true leaf.


Available Size

1L 500 mL