Sol-U-Gro Kickstart 12-48-8 + MN

Soluble Fertilizer – for seedlings and new transplants

Target Benefits

Р Ideal for quick root development for new transplants/seedling in nurseries

Р Low in chlorine and does not cause phototoxicity when applied alongside pesticides

Recommended Crops

Vegetables, Leafy crops, root crops (irish & sweet potato, cassava, dasheen), tree crops, beans, citrus, pineapple, berries, banana

Application Rate

Nurseries: 5 g/3.8 L
Drenching: 15 g/3.8 L


Sol-U-Gro Kickstart 12-48-8 + MN

Available Size

100 g 25 lb 500 g 1 Kg 250 g