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Spray Cans & Backpack Sprayers

How to use

Used to apply soluble fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, molluscicides in garden or agricultural crops


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Liquid fertiliser & Biostimulant applied foliarly and by fertigation in greenhouses and open field.

Target Benefits

AGASI is a biostimulant that enables the rapid recovery from pests and diseases by eliminating stress. AGASI naturally helps the crop to:

  • Avoid drought and climatic stresses,
  • Reduce oxidation of the cells guaranteeing vigorous plant cells
  • Improving the fruit setting efficiency

Recommended Crops

Green leafy vegetables

Application Rate

Foliar: 20 mL/3.8 L (4 tsp/gal)
Greenhouse Vegetables: 2.5-3.0 L/ha each 10-15 days during the pre-flowering, fruit enlargement.
Drip Irrigation Application rate: 20-25 L/ha each 10-15 days during the pre-flowering.

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